Tuesday, September 15, 2020

100 word challenge

 Kia ora, 

The 100 word challenge is back and this is my best one yet hope you enjoy.

I was riding my rusted bike down the stoney pathway when out of nowhere I crashed into a haystack. I was stuck, I called out, I heard a ticking noise and it repeated. Immediately I thought “A bomb!”

I panicked and searched for it, but the more noise I made the closer the bomb came to exploding. 

Terrified, heart racing I realsied I needed help immediately. I heard an engine crying out and realised

this could be my chance of escaping.  The engine roared like a lion, unfortunately my cries were in vain.

  The haystack exploded with me inside it.


  1. Very creative writing Kaeden. Keep up the good mahi!

  2. I am very impressed with your writing skills!!

  3. WOW Kaeden...I LOVED the story and liked that you used some super words.I had to laugh when I read that the bale exploded with you inside it.I hope you are ok 👌and that you aren't too seriously hurt😩.

  4. kia ora kaeden I like how you use similes to pimp your writing and everything is amazing nothing else ka kite.

  5. Kia ora Kaeden I really liked that you have actually sticked to your 100 words next time I think you should work on doing 200 words How long did this take you to do? Na mihi Jazaky.

  6. greeting Kaeden i like your righting you are amazing at righting and i don't think you have anything to work on goodbye.